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Ministry Review 2016
Thank you to everyone who responded to the Ministry Review questionnaire. The working group will be continuing its work over the next few months and will keep everyone informed of its progress.
Who are we?

Cheltenham Minster with St Matthew’s is a church community at the heart of Cheltenham. Together we worship and explore what it means to follow Jesus Christ and share his hope. We believe that Jesus Christ is wonderfully good news for our world and we love to welcome people in his name. We have two church buildings within close proximity which gives us two venues of different styles in which to pursue our vision. We are a church family of all ages, backgrounds and situations in life. So whoever you are, we’d like to think you can find a home amongst us. What unites us is our hope through Jesus Christ, a commitment to the Bible as God’s Word to us, a desire to share this with others, and being part of the Anglican Church. Come and see us one Sunday, it would be great to meet you.

When do we meet?

Sundays 10:45am at St Matthew’s, 11am at Cheltenham Minster, 6:30pm at St Matthew’s
Midweek Prayer 9am Mon-Fri, at Cheltenham Minster 12:30pm Mon-Fri, at Cheltenham Minster with a half hour midweek communion on Wednesday.
Throughout the week Small groups, including Bible study, support, prayer and music meet at various times during the week. Please contact the office for more information.

Summer All-Age Worship
Social Media

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Notice Sheet / Prayer Diary

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Refugees Update

The Syrian Refugee Crisis:

Cheltenham Borough Council has made a pledge, alongside the county councils for Gloucester and Stroud, to resettle Syrian refugees as part of the nationwide resettlement scheme (20 000 over 5 years).

July Update